Associação Maranhense da Igreja Adventista do Sétimo Dia

Associação Maranhense

El Salvador

Why Salvadoran Women Are So Popular?

The United States shares blame for the violence towards women in El Salvador. It was the U.S.-supported civil struggle in the late Nineteen Seventies and ’80s, by which rape was weaponized as a struggle tactic by militaries, that has left a legacy of violence towards women. What began because the Salvadoran civil struggle expanded into a proxy war between the United States and Russia, in which Washington was fueling government-led militias and death squads with as much as $2 million a day in assist and weapons.

What Are Salvadoran Brides Like?

Following the training, these women have turn out to be agents of change in their communities, where training and information acquired are replicated. More than 15,300 women throughout the nation have participated in this programme, which was a part of a decade-lengthy technique, developed jointly with the Ministry of Health, to combat HIV/AIDS. Talking about sexuality in El Salvador is taboo, particularly in rural areas, the place entry to data and education is limited.