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Pakistan: Transgendered Husband and Their Wife Separated and Imprisoned

Pakistan: Transgendered Husband and Their Wife Separated and Imprisoned

The Global lgbt Human Rights Commission (IGLHRC) happens to be closely monitoring the truth of a lady to male transgender guy and their female created spouse who had been hiding from household physical physical physical violence, looked to the court for assistance, and wound up in jail. Thirty-one 12 months old Shumail Raj whom happens to be a transgender guy for 16 years and 26-year old Shahzina Tariq had been hitched relating to Muslim law in September 2006. In-may 2007, Shahzina’s daddy testified in court that Shumail had not been a guy. The judge ordered a medical assessment, which asian marriage site revealed that Shumail had withstood sex reassignment surgery to eliminate their womb and breasts. May 22, the Lahore tall Court discovered the few accountable of perjury and fined every one of them 10,000 rupees and sentenced them to 36 months in jail. The court’s thinking had been that Shumail ended up being a girl whom lied about being a guy, while the few lied concerning the legality of the wedding since two feamales in Pakistan cannot marry. Shumail and Shahzina are actually serving their phrase in 2 split women’s prisons in 2 various towns.

They will have threatened committing committing suicide.

IGLHRC is using allies in Pakistan to deliver help to Ms. Tariq and Mr. Raj. IGLHRC can be in touch with other individual legal rights groups on the best way to fortify the efforts for the two lawyers in Pakistan who will be about to register an appeal ahead of the Pakistan Supreme Court with hopes for the acquittal.

  1. Please deliver your letters of help to Ms. Tariq and Mr. Raj so they really feel less isolated and more uplifted by international help. Please deliver your email messages in care of Nighat Saeed Khan, executive manager of ASR site Centre, that is in close connection with the few as they come in jail. Her current email address is: Please suggest that you’re composing to Shumail and Shahzina.
  2. If you should be conscious of comparable instances in your countries and exactly how they certainly were managed, please e-mail Khawar Mumtaz, Senior Coordinator of Shirkat Gah’s Women’s Resource Center at:
  3. Even though solicitors with this situation are donating their services, funds are required for any other costs such as for instance stamp documents, court costs, and transportation. Contact Shirkat Gah for details.

The letters and instance records off their nations are essential. They could be ideal for strengthening promotions to win support and justice for the Raj-Tariq situation.

Please deliver copies of the email messages or any other communications to: Grace Poore, Research and Policy Associate, Asia and Pacific isles at


Shahzina Tariq’s household objected whenever she married Shumail Raj. They desired Shazina to marry some other person to settle a grouped household gambling financial obligation. Her dad accused Shumail of kidnapping their daughter and commiting fraud, therefore the family members began harassing the few. Shumail and Shahzina filed an issue because of the reduced court in Faisalabad, Shazina’s hometown. The court decided inside their benefit because they had been both grownups and lawfully hitched. However, the harassment failed to stop but extended to the couple’s buddies who have been expected to stress the couple to divorce. In-may 2007, Shahzina and Shumail desired help that is legal filed a grievance aided by the tall Court In Lahore. In reaction, the family members made death threats. If the medical assessment revealed that Shumail had had sex reassignment surgery, the judge asked the few to demonstrate cause as to the reasons they need to never be prosecuted under area 193 regarding the Pakistan Penal Code for filing an affidavit that is false. Terrified, the few went into hiding. The judge issued an arrest warrant. Within a days that are few Shumail and Shazina were arrested and jailed in 2 split facilities, one out of Lahore as well as the other in Faisalabad. Their demand to be put into the exact same cellular ended up being rejected. Overseas and neighborhood press reports sensationalized the couple’s life, “outing” Shumail to shut buddies and peers, and speculating from the phrase. They encountered the likelihood of seven years in jail for deceiving the court about Shumail’s identification or life in jail for violating Section 377 associated with the Pakistan Penal Code, which criminalizes same sex relations. The few apologized to your court, which Judge Kahawaja Mohammed Sharif took into account. In the place of seven years, he offered them three.

Shumail claims which he really wants to get abroad to own two more surgeries. Shahzina states theirs is just a love wedding and that she knew about Shumail’s identification. The few says, “We’re not homosexuals. We should live together. We love one another. We don’t feel safe in Pakistan.”

Grace Poore, IGLHRC’s Research and Policy Associate, Asia and Pacific isles, claims, “It’s heart rending that two different people who love one another are increasingly being persecuted because their relationship does not adapt to norms that are social. The few decided to go to the court for security and finished up being re-victimized. Withholding information that Shumail ended up being a transgender guy had been predicated on fear; it had been an work of success in order to prevent being placed on display, hounded and shamed. It absolutely wasn’t a work of malice. The irony is the fact that social those who utilized physical physical violence and death threats contrary to the couple haven’t been held accountable.”

Pakistan, like Iran and United Arab Emirates comes with a vintage tradition associated with gender that is third if Pakistan’s lawmakers have now been quiet with this. Faisal Alam, founder of Al-Fatiha, the Washington D.C.-based organization that is national GLBT Muslims records, “This situation comes with the possibility to improve Pakistan’s appropriate attitudes toward gender-variant individuals.”


The mission of IGLHRC is always to secure the enjoyment that is full of individual legal rights of most individuals and communities susceptible to discrimination or punishment based on intimate orientation or expression, sex identification or phrase, and/or HIV status. IGLHRC is a person legal rights company devoted particularly to sexual liberties advocacy having an emphasis that is particular the legal rights of lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people. IGLHRC thinks that the best to define one’s sexuality is an intrinsic right of each individual and it has used an intimate liberties framework to simply help guide its peoples legal rights development, strengthen its link with allies engaged in other intimate legal legal rights work, such as for instance gender-based physical physical violence while the abuses and legal rights of intercourse employees, and also to guide its HIV/AIDS advocacy.

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